The Well Groomed Gentleman

$35 Brow, Nostrils, Ears and Neck a $49 value!

This is the complete package to keep you looking your best. The well groomed gentleman will receive masculine grooming of the brow, inside nostril waxing, inside and outside ear waxing and back of your neck.

We know you want well groomed and masculine brows. You'll never leave Pure Waxing for Men with a feminine arch to your brow and what you may not realize, brows that have become out of shape with long course hairs or peaked at the top actually age your appearance. 

Are you aware that nostrils and ears can be waxed? Well, it is possible and it is nothing like pulling a single hair. There is remarkably little discomfort. Yes, you read that right. We know when you pull a single hair it is very painful. Let us wax them all at once and you'll never go back to trimming or pulling single hairs again. Trimming in the nostrils or ears leaves spiky stubble. Waxing pulls the hair at the root leaving no hair at all.  Long hair poking out of your nose and ears can also age your appearance.

Back of the neck waxing will give your haircut a refreshed look between cuts. You know that the back of your neck is the first place your haircut begins to look unkempt.  Refresh it and look well groomed giving your haircut a longer life with neck waxing. Want to grow your hair a bit longer? Wax your neck and you'll still look your best even when you go longer between cuts.

Book this package and you'll leave looking your best, feeling great and looking younger too!

Nostrils and Ears+Brow Trim $20 a $24+ value

If you prefer, we can wax your nostrils and ears only plus we will trim your brows at your request.  

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