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Reviews captured from Yelp.

  • I have been coming to Jennifer for almost a year now! She is a true professional and has a very nice and clean shop! She is very knowledgeable and personable! I drive almost 40 miles one way, there are many places I could go that are closer, but with the service and results the drive is absolutely worth it to me! Matt T. (Coronado)

  • I'd been to another aesthetician for a wax twice, but there just didn't seem to be the right "fit." As a guy, having a waxing procedure is stressful enough on any number of levels, so I have to be totally comfortable with the person doing the waxing. Based on a number of good reviews here, I decided to give Jennifer a try. Wow...the difference between the two was like night and day.

       If you're a man looking for this type of service, you will not be sorry if you give Pure Waxing

       and Jennifer a try! Highly recommended! Thom D. (Oceanside)

  • Let me get to the conclusion first. I had a fantastic experience at Pure Waxing. I would -- and will -- recommend this business to all of my friends and acquaintances. Five-star experience.Now the details. I set up my appointment online. Because of that, I got a discount. Additionally, as a first-time client, I got an even bigger discount. Always nice to pay a little less whenever possible. This was my first time getting a Brazilian wax. As a male, I was extremely worried about two things: one, how bad would it hurt? And, two, how shy would I be about having all of my goods exposed to Jennifer (who owns Pure Waxing)? First, while there were moments of pain (a couple of occasions I needed to take a breather), most of the time I thought it was very manageable. I did not take any kind of pain medication before going in (no Ibuprofen, for example). Jennifer is a true pro. She has done a lot of Brazilians. It showed. If I had to rate the entire experience on a pain scale (with one being little to no pain and 10 being extreme pain), I would rate the experience as a 2. Mind you, I am a total wimp when it comes to pain. If I can handle it, you should have no problem!As for me being naked in front of Jennifer, it was no problem. She's a total pro. The entire experience was very clinical. There is nothing to be shy about. She's been doing this for years. If you're the shy type, don't be. There is nothing to be worried about here. You're working with a professional here. I can't imagine anyone being much better than Jennifer. Guys, if you've been thinking about getting a Brazilian wax, but have worried about the unknown that comes with having never done it before, I'm here to tell you that there is nothing to worry about here. You're in great hands with Jennifer. I highly recommend her and her business, Pure Waxing. Marcus S. (San Diego)